Erza Scarlet

Kovie Kixx showing off her battle armour of Erza Scarlet

Captain America

The First Avenger UK, part of the North East Avengers


CosplayEverAfter was the most like her character like I've ever seen, I couldn't stop her climbing up all the trees to explore the location.

Snape and Bellatrix

This photoshoot took place in Durham Cathedral, one of the real locations used in the Harry Potter movies

Frankie Castle

Jakku Cosplay gets a bit intimidating in this Fem Punisher costume

Fallout Raider

Alphabety Cosplay in his prize winning Fallout Raider gear. Tanfield Railway made a perfect backdrop to become the wasteland.

Death Knight

This is Arkyl Cosplays first costume, and it was so fun to photograph at Newcastle Castle

  • Meryl Silverburgh

    The Girl in the Gingham Dress brought one of my favourite characters to life - 2015


    The Dork Knight in his Batflectk costume (this is the only photoshoot of 2017 where the wind was on my side lol)

    Indiana Jones

    Dennis is brillant as Indiana Jones, and his acting skills make photoshoots a doddle


    Morelia Cosplay brought her Sauron costume over to Newcastle Castle for an awesome photoshoot.